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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fundraiser Spotlight- Shoes for 120 Orphans! - iPad Mini Giveaway

In an orphanage....far far away....sits a little precious little girl. This precious little girl, Sofia, has a family coming for her. They have worked hard to raise funds for this adoption and the great news is, they're fully funded!! Now they have decided to take on a special treat for all of the orphanages sitting beside their daughter, just waiting for THEIR family to come and get them. The Valenzuela family is wanting to take over a good pair of shoes for each orphan to call their own. In order to do this, they need our help! For a little motivation, they have decided to do an iPad mini giveaway for those who participate in one way or another. Minimum donation is $20, and that will cover 1 pair of shoes. If you'd like to give more than that, please feel free! You will get a giveaway entry for every $2 you donate! You can also get free entries by sharing on social media! Below are the entry options, the link to their blog, the link to where you donate, and the video of Marcy Valenzuela announcing the giveaway. Giveaway ends April 29th. Winner announced April 30th. Please comment on this blog post or the Valenzuela's blog post if you donate or share! Thank you so much for your help!

breakdown of entries:
$20 Sponsors 1 orphan = 10 Gifted entries for drawing
$40 = 20 gifted entries
$50 = 25
$60 = 30
$70 = 35
$80 = 40
$90 = 45
$100 = 50
$200 = 100
$300 = 150
Any amount donated to sponsor a child
will receive half the amount in drawing entries.
Social media “shares” receive 1 gifted entry.

YouCaring Account to Make a Donation - Click Here!

Shouting for Sofia - Blog Post - Click Here!

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